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  • How do I become a "member?"
    All you need to do is send us an email at, and ask to be put on the fresh sheet list. We'll gladly add you to the email list that goes out weekly during the growing season.
  • What is the weekly fresh sheet?
    Each week during the growing season, we send an email to all of our farm list customers with a list of the items that are fresh and ready for picking that week. Just click the link in that email to go to our website, where you can shop for the farm goods you want, and then place your order. The email goes out Monday mornings, and orders are due Tuesday by midnight. We harvest all the veggies and flowers on Wednesdays, then rinse and pack your custom order into a bag with your name on it, and have it all ready to go in our farm stand pickup shed by 5pm Wednesday evening.
  • Does it cost anything to become a member?
    It's completely free to join our weekly fresh sheet. You only pay for the items you order, when you order.
  • I'm visiting and only want fresh veggies for a week or two. Should I join your list?
    This fresh sheet is for our Whidbey neighbors, or folks who come to Whidbey frequently. If you're visiting, it's best for you to stop by our farm stand on the corner of Quade and Maxwelton for a selection of fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, and other farm goods. Or find us at the Bayview Farmer's market Saturdays end of April through mid-October.
  • Do I need to order each week?
    Nope. You only order on the weeks you want to receive the freshest Maxwelton Valley vegetables we can possibly grow. We ask that you place an order at least once a month to stay on the list. This helps us by supporting our labors of love, and helps you by getting fresh veggies into your mouth! A win-win!
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